Joel Gaines

The City School


Joel R. Gaines serves as interim Head of School and Upper School principal at The City School in Philadelphia,Pa. He graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University (Cairn University) with a B.S. in Education and Biblical Studies, and earned his MEd in education from Cabrini University. Joel is passionate about seeing all students flourish academically, emotionally, and spiritually. He seeks to lead all under his leadership toward comprehensive shalom. His experience serving in multiple administrative roles over the past 15 years in both urban and suburban and both Christian and public schools has uniquely equipped him to lead teachers, students, parents and community stakeholders within myriad of different educational context. Joel is also an author and speaker on racial and ethnicity equality within education. Joel is married to Tia and has one son Josiah, and three daughters Hosanna, Elaina, and Adoniah.

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